Advance Group is the UK’s leading specialist in concrete floor contracting services ranging from management to maintenance and polished concrete floor restoration. Anything our clients need that utilise our specialist skills and concrete craftsmanship.

We can help you achieve the highest quality and luxurious style finishes that are simply amazing to behold.

We specialise in delivering a unique polished concrete effect that is similar to the finishing touches you would be used to seeing at high-end hotels or luxurious residential properties. Fittings in bespoke kitchens or professional commercial spaces. With advanced concrete polishing techniques there are a wealth of possibilities in terms of the variety of colours, concrete decorative themes and styles that we can create, tailor made to suit your preferences. This translates to you having a unique and highly personal new concrete floor specific to your desired look and feel.

What are the benefits of Concrete Polishing?

Concrete floors have been around for years however with the advancement of various concrete polishing technologies there has been a huge explosion in the demand for this beautiful and unique aesthetic flooring style. Contractors and building developers are now using polished concrete as the top must have solution for large industrial spaces as well as prime luxury real estate design. Through the process of grinding down concrete floor surfaces and applying a new state of the art high-gloss finish to the flooring you can create amazingly contemporary looks and styles, better yet because of the unique and durable composition you never need additional waxing or multiple coatings to maintain the look and feel.

This style of flooring has many benefits, such as its strength and durability as well as the low levels of maintenance required to keep it in great condition. It is often a great floor sealer solution filling cracks and holes or more glamorously to create a near diamond coated shiny overlay. More and more polished concrete is being used in large and small commercial and industrial premises where there is usually high traffic volumes of people or the use of industrial machinery. The demand for it in residential properties has also grown steadily over the past few years as creative designers find more exciting and innovative ways to use it for desired effects both in homes and company environments.