Tru Rapid Set


Looking for a flooring solution for your retail, residential or warehouse space that will fit your budget, look beautiful, be safe and long lasting? Polished concrete floors from Advance Group make perfect sense. More and more contractors and building managers are choosing polished concrete floors for their many benefits: they are extremely cost effective, highly durable and environmentally sound; very safe and slip resistant; and much easier to maintain than other flooring. Advance Group’s polished concrete floors happen to be beautiful works of art. Additionally we can provide a range of floor services including levelling which may be needed prior to polishing.

When you need a high-flow topping that looks like polished concrete the answer is TRU® PC® Polished concrete. This is a self-levelling topping that is cement-based and is crack-resistant and long lasting. It can easily withstand damp conditions so can be used indoors or outside. It is the perfect material for jobs which need a long working time and flow life, yet it achieves a high early strength. It remains workable for up to twenty minutes, but cures and can withstand foot traffic in as little as two hours. It can also be coated in around 12 hours and is ready for grinding after 24 hours. TRU® PC® is a great surface for polished concrete floors, grinding and polishing superbly. On a flat surface one 25kg bag will cover 1.7 square metres at a thickness of 10mm.