Sealing & Protection


The Advance Group can help you with your polished concrete flooring needs. As specialists within the field of concrete flooring we have a distinct understanding of the right tools and equipment to use to help our clients achieve the high-end glossy finishes they want.

For instance in order for us to ensure that our customers newly installed polished concrete floors are smooth and safe, meaning that there are no visible cracks and the floor is protected from water spills or oil damage in the future, we use a wide range of modified acrylic sealers which work alongside the natural polished sheen of the concrete to create a highly reflective mirror-like surface area.

Concrete floor sealers are typically used both internally and on external floor types, they are a go to solution to help tackle sometimes multiple problems that some people have with renovated or even rejuvenated concrete floors. These type of sealants can be used anywhere from new-build property complexes to retail and commercial properties including of course restaurants and showrooms and increasingly at high-end hotels.

Many of the concrete sealant types that we use are UV-stable, which means that they can be used both inside and on exterior surfaces. Some sealants in fact are highly effective at preventing acid staining on stone and concrete surfaces, even keeping acidic fumes from the surface to which it is applied.