Concrete specification


Advance Group is a company with skillfully trained specialists in concrete floor contracting services. We take in to consideration every clients need to specify quality, durability and cost-affordability, especially in areas where there is a probability for high traffic activities, such as the operation of fork lift trucks, heavy machinery, food production areas and oils, which contribute to the decline of floors performance. Health and safety is a top priority in such businesses, as this could lead to problems like unsafe areas and contamination.

At Advance Group, we offer solutions to all flooring problems, no matter its magnitude, at very cost efficient rates. Our team of professionals can provide a project spec-out or a full specification based on the results achieved by carrying out a detailed survey of the site.

We decide which approach to take  and  prepare a method statement for our customers, creating workable and flexible solutions to accommodate their exact requirements, to enable long term smooth surface guarantee.

After proper installation, concrete floors can be easily managed and its maintenance needs, adequately met, and at Advance Group, we can prepare a method statement and detailed surveys that will be flexible enough and will require little downtime, and would cause very little disruption to your schedule. Flexibility and Reliability are our watchwords.