What Is Polished Concrete?


Polished concrete looks very similar to a beautiful marble or granite floor. In order to produce the perfect polished concrete finish, you have to use a heavy-duty specialist polishing machine that employs diamond-impregnated abrasives that grind the surface down. You use finer diamond grit for each pass over the floor until you reach the level of smoothness and polish that you wish to achieve.

The floor can be finished to a level of shine that is like a mirror. As far as design is concerned, your choices are virtually limitless, the only proviso being the level of creativity of the designer. Aggregates can be embedded into the surface of the concrete before polishing giving some amazing pattern possibilities, or you can cut the surface with saw cuts to create any sort of pattern you desire. You can also use any colour that you wish, and this can be mixed into the concrete of a new floor or coloured over the surface of an existing one. You can also control the level of reflectivity depending on how fine a diamond grit you use for the final polish. Polished concrete is ideal for commercial buildings because maintenance is absolutely minimal. All you need to do is dust and give them an occasional mop over with a damp mop.