Natural Stone Granite


Natural stone is a conventional material used to beautify homes and gardens. They were created millions of years ago through varying causes and by a process that takes a millennia to complete. Some were formed by the gradual accumulation of sediments and others crystallised from magma. Some others existed as either but metamorphosed because of varying degree of heat and pressure from the Earth’s crust. The time taken to cultivate these stones over centuries now lends to their perceived value and the end visual results you can achieve through their use are often quite breathtaking.

Granite is an igneous stone exposed to magma and altered after exposure to other minerals. It exists in various colors ranging from black, brown, red to white. It is one of the most durable materials in the world and has been in use in buildings for thousands of years.

The most basic use of granite is crushed granite. Its characteristics make it an ideal material to work with regardless of the environmental conditions. It is used as non-organic mulch, garden edging, in driveways and as a base material in road and highway construction.

It is a popular choice for kitchen worktops, fireplaces, building stones, tiles and granite flooring.

Core Benefits of using Granite:

Beauty: Granite is available in varying colors and patterns and this means you are spoilt for choice. Each unique granite tile increases the aesthetic value of wherever it is used.

Durability: Granite is practically impossible to break. With proper care, granite flooring or other granite based products can last a lifetime.