Polished Concrete Flooring – Incredibly Beautiful And Incredibly Hard-Wearing


Advance Group is the leading concrete grinding and polishing company in the UK. For very many years we have undertaken major contracts such as installing and polishing concrete floors in shopping malls. These are ideal in such situations where there is constant foot traffic, since polished concrete can withstand it. It simply does not get damaged no matter how many people walk over it, and it looks fabulous. It is also slip resistant which is important from the safety point of view.

Similarly, we have undertaken work at many of the UK’s major airports where we work to strict schedule in order to minimise downtime in important areas. All our operatives are checked and meet security standards so are able to work in areas of high security. We have also carried out work at many major train terminals where again we have to work to tight schedules overnight so that the station can operate normally during the day.

Polished concrete flooring looks incredible, and we have installed it in retail stores, restaurants, hotel and office reception areas, and many other situations. It is also resistant to spills of any sort. Whether it is acid, some other form of chemical, red wine, or just water, they all sit there until they have been wiped up: there is no mark of any description left behind.

Residential Homes

Lately, we have also been installing polished concrete flooring in residential homes as homeowners come to realise the many benefits. Again, because of its’ spill resistance it is ideal in the kitchen: where other floor surfaces would suffer damage, polished concrete doesn’t. It is also impact resistant, so if you happen to drop a heavy saucepan on it the only thing that is going to get ruined is your dinner. As for maintenance, it just needs a quick sweep over to keep dust down or a wipe over with a damp mop.

Polished concrete floors are also being used more and more in places such as the entrance halls of large country manor houses. Once again, their beauty makes a stunning impact when visitors enter through the front door to be greeted by this highly reflective surface which can be similar to marble or quartz. Not only can you have any colour you desire, but you can also have patterns etched into the surface so that your polished concrete floor becomes unique. You can have stamped or textured concrete that replicates stone, tile, or even wood. Imagine a polished wood grained floor that you never have to polish and will last as long as your home does. People are now also using polished concrete as pool surrounds, on patios, in conservatories, and even on the driveway.

At Advance Group we can do some pretty imaginative things with polished concrete so talk to us about your ideas.

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