Polished Concrete Flooring Lasts Longer Than Any Other Surface


Advance Group is the leading specialist in the UK when it comes to concrete flooring. Most people think of concrete as a solid product that is going to last a lifetime. In most cases that is not true. Certainly, it may last longer than several alternatives such as carpet, linoleum, and many others which will all need replacement after a few years.

However, even concrete can suffer damage from surface stress, rain or water damage, delamination, having been incorrectly cured in the first place, joint shoulder failure, and a whole lot more. Commercial concrete polishing from Advance Group can solve the problem, as the process actually removes the surface layer – including any worn or patchy coatings – and hardens the new surface which results. Not only do you now have a surface that, with minimal maintenance and a regular re-polishing programme, can last well in excess of 60 years, you also have a thing of beauty. Many architects and interior designers are now specifying polished concrete flooring instead of alternatives such as tiling, granite, marble, and even coated concrete, for its’ durability as well as its’ looks.

Polished concrete will also save you money from the day that the polishing is completed. Ordinary concrete floors can suffer from oil, paint, or other spills, as well as tyre marks from fork lift trucks and cherry pickers that are really difficult to clean in order to maintain a safe working environment. You will save on cleaning time and wear and tear on mops, brushes, and pads, since polished concrete only requires a quick once over with a damp mop or brush.

A polished concrete floor can be particularly useful in places like hospitals or food processing plants where a clean room environment is essential. In many cases, Advance Group can actually complete the polishing while the plant or other site remains operational.

Polished concrete surfaces are also less susceptible to slipping than other surfaces, even when wet, as they have a higher level co-efficient of friction than any other. This is also why they don’t suffer from tyre marks from fork lift trucks.

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