Polished Concrete – The Perfect Flooring Choice For The 21st Century


Fifty years ago, concrete was hardly known as a luxury flooring material. More, it was the floor of choice for factories and warehouses, and for places like car parks, because concrete – provided it is correctly mixed – is tough. Who cares what it looks like? It is just there to do a job and last for as long as possible no matter what gets dropped on it, or even if it gets stained.

Fast forward fifty years, and concrete is a completely different kettle of fish. Certainly, it is still hardwearing and long lasting, but it doesn’t have to be grey any more. Just to begin with, concrete can now be coloured in any single colour you wish, or it can have graduated or mottled colouring. You can also include any sort of decorative saw cuts, stencilling, graphics, borders, and so on that you wish. In addition, you can include aggregates of many descriptions to give an individual finish to the floor once it is polished.

Yes, concrete floors can be polished to varying degrees from a matt satin look, up to a mirror finish which will make it look as good as, if not better than, natural stones such as granite, travertine, and marble. In fact, every single concrete floor that we produce at Advance Group is unique, because you, the customer, decide what sort of finish you want, and we can produce it.

One of the advantages of a polished concrete floor is that it is as hard as – well – concrete! Once laid, polished to the level you desire, and protected with the right sort of sealant, of which there are several, your polished concrete floor requires virtually no maintenance other than dusting, and an occasional wipe over with a damp mop. Even better, a polished concrete floor will last for decades, compared with other floor surfaces which may require renewal every 20 years or so.

So to cut a long story short, you have a floor with any sort of design and colouring you like that is unique to you, that requires virtually no maintenance, and will quite possibly last for your lifetime or longer. What more could you want?

We know what you’re thinking: surely this is going to be expensive?

Well, fair enough, polished concrete cost is a factor and it is not a “cheap” option such as linoleum or vinyl. Furthermore, there are a number of factors which can affect the cost such as the condition of the concrete if it is already laid, the level of shine required (which can require more polishing passes if it is to a mirror finish), and so on.

However, when you consider that you finish up with a stunning, unique floor that requires virtually no maintenance and will last for decades, it is what today is called a “no-brainer”.

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