Residential Concrete Polishing


Residential concrete polishing is the process of providing polished concrete floors and indoor surfaces for homes and residential properties. Polished concrete has quickly become a much sought after flooring material. This is mainly due to advancements in concrete polishing technology and mixing techniques.

We can now grind concrete using specialist techniques ideal for floors and residential properties, utilising a high-gloss finish which does not require additional waxing or top up coatings. It’s no surprise therefore that concrete is being used increasingly in commercial as well as residential buildings. The process of polishing concrete is flexible and gives you the power to choose from a multitude of designs, styles and features. This makes it the ideal material for making stylish new contemporary floors.

Desirable and durable concrete  polished flooring

Polished concrete surfaces are remarkably strong and resilient and are able to withstand heat. A properly constructed floor in a kitchen can last hundreds of years without needing maintenance.

Easy to clean

It is relatively easy to maintain polished concrete surfaces. All it needs is sweeping daily to prevent dust accumulation. Smudging, water marks and scuffs can be removed by damp mopping. It is not surprising that polished concrete is used in almost every kitchen across the UK.